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Client Testimonials

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“G67 are a quick, flexible solution to rapidly growing and understanding your digital audience. Anne-Marina is smart and savvy and brings practical solutions to small businesses, which has been crucial to us as publishers”



Private-Media-Logo-Reverse“G67 consulted on the launch strategy for Private Media’s next website, Daily Dish. They brought a new skill set to the organisation and assisted in upskilling members of our product team. Their insight and experience was invaluable and they forced us to reexamine the original strategy in favour of a direction with an increased likelihood of success.” Marina Go, CEO, Private Media


McGrath logo“Thanks so much for your leadership on this project. I really appreciate your ownership and initiative and your ability to synthesise many issues then present a considered solution to me. You’re very switched on operators with whom it’s a pleasure to work.” Geoff Lucas, COO, McGrath Real Estate