Specialists in optimising products and services for use on a mobile or tablet device.

Struggling to make the most of this "mobile" thing? With 12 years experience in the digital & mobile space we can help. Taking a methodical approach we will help you drive engagement and revenue through improved customer experience.

We have worked with FMCGs, Global Brands, Record Labels and Radio Broadcasters across mobile marketing, site optimisation and application development (iPhone and Android). See the Products page for details on past developments for the likes of Capital Radio, Corona Mexico, Shazam, Ministry of Sound, Motorola and more.

Whether you need advice on going mobile, product management or development of new services or just a comment from a mobile expert, we're here to help.



Latest Articles & News:

How Email can kill your productivity and your business - September 20 2013
Can't seem to tear yourself away from your inbox? You're not alone, and it's starting to show in the number of hours people are having to work to keep on top of it. 

G67 launches first iOS application on custom built Trivia & Social Platform -
July 29 2013
#Brittana Challenge is now available worldwide on the Apple App Store - it allows users to collate all their social media about their favourite Glee couple through one application whilst answering the question "Who is the biggest #Brittana fan?"

5 Things to Remember When Launching a New Product - August 9th 2013
I recently launched a new product into the Apple App Store and it reiterated to me 5 key things to remember when embarking upon a product launch...

How to Make Money on Mobile -
April 9 2013
There are few things that frustrate me quite as much as wanting to purchase something whilst I'm browsing on my mobile and being unable to do so because the company or brand doesn't have purchase via mobile available. I appreciate it can be confusing for small companies and there are lots of methods of payment available so which one do you choose? To shed a little light, I've done some digging.

The Rise of the 2nd Screen
- March 19 2013
The second screen is a moniker which is growing in use but essentially it means watching TV and simultaneously using another device (laptop, tablet, smartphones etc). As I type this I have the TV playing in the background and am paying equal attention to both. This means two things for the traditional broadcast television industry: harder work but big opportunities.

I've posted quite a bit about optimising your products and services for mobile use, but there's one thing I have yet to cover - the importance of adding analytics and tracking to your mobile site AND applications...

Apple v Android 2013 - March 1 2013
Google's Android platform has been battling Apple's iOS platform for dominance since 2008 with the release of the first ever Android handset the G1 (manufactured by HTC as the HTC Dream) and now it looks like it may finally be about to win the battle.

"How many of you have read an email on your phone and marked it unread so you could read it on your PC later?" That's the question Marissa Mayer, Yahoo CEO, posed at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference this week. I bet a few of you just nodded your heads in agreement...

Marina Go, Publishing Director: "Anne-Marina consulted on the launch strategy for Private Media's next website, Daily Dish. She brought a new skill set to the organisation and assisted in upskilling members of our product team. Anne-Marina's insight and experience was invaluable and she forced us to reexamine the original strategy in favour of a direction with an increased likelihood of success."