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Digital Marketing - How To Guides

Step back into the classroom and pay attention to the blackboard with our guides to digital marketing. 

We cover everything you may need, whether you are working with a new agency, or doing it all yourself.

If there’s a topic you think we should cover, contact us and let us know!

How To Select A New Digital Vendor

Before you begin outsourcing any of your online marketing, read our cheat sheet on tips for selecting a digital marketing vendor to ensure you get the best possible result.

How To Add A User To Google Analytics

One of the first things you'll need to do after setting up Google Analytics, is to add users to the account. Here, our cheat sheet explores how to do just that.

How To Add A New User To WordPress

If you are working with a 3rd party vendor, they'll need access to your WordPress instance. This is your guide on how to give them access, without giving them the keys to the kingdom.

How To Add A New User To Google Search Console

In addition to analytics, you'll need to provide your marketing team with access to Google Search Console, this guide will walk you through the process.

How To Add A New User To Google AdWords

After you have your website SEO and UX optimised, it's time to bring new customers to your site. One way to do that, is via AdWords - this guide explores how to add new users to your account, to allow them to setup your campaigns.

How To Add A New User To Facebook Advertising

When working with a consultant, you'll need to add new users to your Facebook account, this is how to do just that.

How To Create A Feed For Dynamic Retargeting

If you are an online retailer, the best kind of retargeting you can do is to show customers products. To do that, you'll need to create a feed. This guide tells you how to create the feed.

How To Setup Dynamic Retargeting

After creating your feed, this is how you setup dynamic retargeting within Google Adwords.