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Digital Marketing Training: Get To Know Your SEOs from your SEMs

Are you unsure what to do with your website?

Confused by all the acronyms – SEO / CPC / UX / DSP?

Feel like you’re spending money and seeing no return but don’t know why?

Do you want to learn more in a welcoming, safe environment?


And we’ll tailor your training program to your needs.


G67 are a quick, flexible solution to rapidly growing and understanding your digital audience. Anne-Marina is smart and savvy and brings practical solutions to small businesses.

Heather Catchpole, Co-Founder

Agile Development Principles

Agile Development Methodology 101

Definitions of Roles and Responsibilities

Tools for communicating to stakeholders

How to create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

How to get to market quickly and validate your idea before spending lots of money developing it


What are the key things you need to include for your business?

Which technical and content SEO elements are important?

How do you update them?

How do you monitor your progress?

Google Analytics

How to setup your Google Analytics

How to track the things that matter to your business

The most useful basic reports

Filtering out spam traffic

User Experience (UX)

Developing your customer personas and data model

Creating customer journeys

Determining which elements are important to your customers and should be highlighted

Key UX Principles to always apply

Social Media

How to efficiently analyse your market and competitors for best practise

Developing a strategy for your social media activity

Best practise and tools for posting that keep your hours spent down and engagement up

Paid Media

Setting up your website tracking to allow you to advertise to past visitors

How to setup campaigns in Facebook

How to setup campaigns in Google AdWords

How to setup campaigns in Google Shopping

How to setup campaigns in LinkedIn

How to setup campaigns in Outbrain

Industry Best Practise and Key Principles


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