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New Year, New You. The 3 best tech innovations to help you get fit and stay fit.

The fitness space in digital technology has always been full of companies who think that their invention is the next big thing that will change the market. There have been lots of great ideas and moving into 2015 we decided to explore the best of them. The ideas that will change the way you keep healthy, and might change the world’s fitness.

1. Smart Contact Lenses: Novartis and Google
This is one of our favourites. One day soon it should help with an individual’s management of diabetes. Rather than diabetics having to monitor blood sugar levels by taking small blood samples, in future they’ll be able to be alerted automatically without doing anything.┬áThe premise is simple: wear contact lenses which will monitor blood sugar levels via your tears, this information is then relayed back to servers via a tiny antenna contained within the lenses. Genius!

2. Smart Watches: FitBit
FitBit recently announced their new fitness tracker which combines all the elements of a normal fitness tracker, with a smartwatch. It’ll begin shipping in February for around $250 (USD). It has a heart rate monitor, built in GPS to track your distance and speed, and will send alerts when you receive a new call, text and are playing music.

3. Smart Music: Dry Case

Speaking of music, there are only a few companies out there who are making technology for the swimmers amongst you. The ability to swim and listen to music at the same time has always resonated with people and spawned the evolution of underwater speakers. But what if you don’t want to share your music with others (or they don’t want you to share it with them)? The best solution for those who use Spotify through their mobile phone is the Dry Case. It’s big enough to hold an HTC One M8, comes with an armband, and underwater headphones sold separately. There’s a bit of drag with the armband when swimming, and they could do with making one that is specifically swimming orientated, but it’s a great way to keep yourself doing laps for hours.